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by mike benecke

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love, ghosts, fire, waves, skin, lies, light


released July 12, 2012

recorded by raymond richards
mastered by mark chalecki



all rights reserved


mike benecke Los Angeles, California

"beautiful, slow, intimate and rich dreamfolk... that aches like wolves in the near distance." - coverlaydown.com 03/05/16

"One of the most intimately thoughtful and honestly heartfelt records out of L.A. in years. It's pure." - la-underground.net 07/11/12
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Track Name: Do You Dance?
I saw what you did alone above the ocean
sea breath in your hair, backward on red railing
watched your feet slip
you stayed down so long
could not come up
left low from heavy hopes
let them go weightless now
have fires curled your skin?
devil birds drained all the blood in your veins?
oh fateful heart are you faithful now?
do you dance on the point of a pin?
down here suspended on an oily mirror
in a gentle whirl a silhouette sways with the moon
slow like dancers do
they do
Track Name: Bride
obey your wish
pledge my devotion
from a cage I sing for the thieves for the stolen
c'mon, lift this wicked heart
c'mon, call the angels down
pull me up
that's how I learned my place
learned the cost of this cross
I bloomed like an orchid they said
so white in the dark
I know the liars and I know the truth
I keep the secrets like I was told to do
To be with you for all time
your child bride
Track Name: Dandelion
caught your breath fast across the neck
embraced you for a spell
you went soft
a dandelion
cure the curse with your skin
crimson blooms gather 'round the bed
poured yourself porcelain
my dandelion
undone from the inside
all done
Track Name: Little Devils
oh let them go little devils hanging on your teeth
if it helps you breathe
spit 'em into me
the weight of your ghosts
the silent angels in the ceiling
have tucked you in, held you under
a bed that wasn't made for you
the scarred grin of the moon rolls the waves over me too
when black ink nights send you submarine
I will swim for you
Track Name: Kill the Killer
leave a light on
throw those shadows on the floor
for when the witching hour lays her hands over
a black wave
the soul is awkward undressed and nowhere to go
formed in ocean
broken into the soil
a white wave
only one could kill the killer
leave a light on